FAQ about Fun Photo Booths for Parties Kitchener, Ontario

FAQ about Fun Photo Booths for Parties, Weddings & Events

Our personal suggestion is 4 hours, there is typically a line up to use the photo booth so consider your guest size. It might be a good idea to have the photo booth there and in use during cocktail hour to help minimize the line later. When the magic mirror photo booth is at weddings we typically have it open for one hour during cocktail hour and then 3 hours after dinner with the photo booth sitting idle during dinner, speeches and formalities. 

Yes you can rent a photo booth for a party; it's best to sort out the type of party, the venue, the number of guests, the time of service needed and then start researching photo booth rental companies in your area.

The average cost of a photo booth rental is approx $200-$250 per hour; most companies have a 2-3 hour minimum. Other items such as custom designed photo frames, red carpet, backdrops, unlimited printing etc. can all increase your overall cost of the photo booth rental.

Absolutely it is, they are so much fun! A photo booth at your wedding can become a focal point of conversation, laughter and entertainment. It gives those that don't dance something to do and those that need a break from the dance floor somewhere to go. It also gives your wedding guests a takeaway they won't throw in a drawer.

The average cost to rent a photo booth is approximately $700,  prices range typically from $500-$1300

We sure do! We have a few tricks and treats we can deliver for online or virtual events. Classic and mosaic photo booth options.

Message us today for more information or to try it our virtual photo booth aka online photo booth out for yourself with no obligation.

A Selfie Mirror is a full-length touch screen that invites guests to capture customizable selfies directly through their reflection in the mirror. Some mirrors may offer games, animations, filters and more. 

Photo booth to rent are a provide a fun, entertainment activity for you and your guests—and the photos can act as a wedding favour as well! On average, most couples in Canada between $425 to $1,000 on wedding photo booth rentals. Starting prices at about $550 for a three hour package and mirror photo booths for rent starting prices at about $800 for a three hour package. 

This photo booth for parties, weddings & events is a party all in itself. 

It's different is so many ways please check out website for all the details

Ener your email address and sign up for a complimentary, no obligation preview! 


Unlimited = unlimited

If there are 12 people in the photo and they all want a print and 3 more for good luck, then go ahead! 

This photo booth for parties, weddings and special events ensures that everyone can take a picture with them.

Optimum set up space 20ft x 20ft. This leaves enough room for backdrop, red carpet and props table, if applicable. However if space is limited we can minimize set up to work within a space. We will also need access to power within 6ft of set up space. This photo booth for parties, weddings and events is a fun activity for guests but it does require space. 

This photo booth is for parties, weddings and events.

Depending on location and layout of venue, it should take about 45-60 minutes. 

Please keep in mind that some venues require their vendors to be set up by a specific time. We have a lot of large, heavy equipment and require space and the use of full size elevators. We can't grab a backpack of stuff and walk in the front door. It's important to understand this as your service may require idle time if your venue has restrictions. 

Our wedding package has all the idle time included that you will need if this is the case. 

Are you looking for a photo booth for a party, wedding or special event?

Bookings are taken well in advance, therefore to secure your date we would advise you to book as soon as your event is confirmed.

Keep in mind we are very busy during peak season and weekends.

We will always try to accommodate last minute bookings depending on availability.

We would also like to mention that due to Covid-19 the majority of our 2020 wedding photo booth clients have decided to move their weddings to 2021. Prime 2021 mirror photo booth dates are filling up quicker than usual.

Why take it from us? Past client's have said

"The Magical Mirror blew us away! It was a hit with our guests and was a main attraction the whole night. It really is a game changer and I would even say a must have!"

"So many people came up to me to and told me how fun and great the mirror photobooth was. it was so much fun."

"The photo booth was a definite favourite of our event."

"Everyone truly loved it so much and have been raving about it for 3 weeks. Thank you again."

"Everyone was still talking about the mirror this morning at brunch!"

We feel the same! Looking for a photo booth for a party, wedding or other event?

They are incredibly fun and entertaining for your guests to use and they create amazing memories of your special event. As soon as your guests see that there is a magic mirror photo booth rental at your event, there is no stopping the fun. The possibilities are endless and everyone will remember your event because of it.

The magic mirror photo booth rental allows guests to write personal messages electronically directly on the mirror. They can also text their photo directly from the magic mirror photo booth rental and receive their photos with a personalized text message that you create. 

You can have a custom experience by ensuring you approve and like the photo before deciding to print and/or text it. 

Corporate branding,logo use in games, social media reach, information collection are all major points of value the mirror can bring to a corporate event. 

Our Mirror PhotoBooth is a full size 5 feet tall and 3 ft wide and weighs approximately 200 pounds. If your event is not on the ground floor and does not have a full size elevator we can not deliver our service. If you are looking for a photo booth for a party, wedding or other event please keep this in mind with regards to space at the venue. 

Looking for a photo booth for a party? How about a wedding or a special event?

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