Green Screen Photo Booth for parties Magic Mirror in Guelph

Green Screen Photo Booth For Parties

Travel anywhere in the world!

We are a mobile event service catering to photo booths for parties and weddings in Kitchener, Ontario & surrounding area we don't always have access to scenery for your fun photo booth backdrop like the peaceful mountains, the Las Vegas Strip or the beautiful islands of Fiji so let the magic mirror photo booth create the background you are looking for and take you literally anywhere in the world with our green screen photo booth for parties technology.

If you are considering renting a photo booth for a party, it’s important to use a professional backdrop as this will ensure amazing image quality. The flash uses the backdrop for absorption and we can control how much light enters the photo.  Both are key to achieving optimal photo quality.

Green screen and how it works

Most of you will only care that your pictures look great! If you are interested in the techy jargon of how the green screen photo booth for parties works here’s a brief explanation of how we make your superimposed virtual background and photo subjects pop with amazing photo quality.

It starts with the basics and that’s lighting. Professional even lighting positioned properly ensuring your subjects are well lit and not emitting any shadows is key to a good final image!

Whether you call it green screen, chromakeying, or colour keying it’s all the same process, target one single colour in an image and make any area of the photo that has that colour transparent which allows the background image to show through. You see it doesn’t need to be a green screen, any colour of the rainbow that appears in the photo can be targeted and made transparent. The bright green colour we traditionally see used is good because it’s rare that someone will be wearing an outfit that shade; if they are well, that will be an interesting, floating head party photo booth rental story.

Technology has advanced greatly in this area recently and there are plenty of software options on the market today that offer digital background removal using no screen at all!

If you are renting a photo booth for a party and prefer not to have a green screen set up and want something that blends more with your décor, we have a wide selection of high-grade professional quality cloth pillow top backdrops for you to choose from. They are described below and we will gladly provide photos of the ones that interest you. If you choose not to use a backdrop at all, please keep in mind your photo quality could be diminished and some photos may appear darker than you would like. 

  • GOLDEN SUNSHINE - This backdrop of golden sunbeams is a great choice and one of our most popular choices. It blends in with any theme or season making it a versatile design.
  • LIVE GREENERY WALL - A nice plush look of fresh greenery
  • RED BEAUTY - Love is in the air with this beauty, this bright backdrop is a romantic red. Works well with many colour schemes or holiday parties. 
  • RUSTIC WOODEN FENCE WITH PATIO LIGHTS - This classic wooden fence with lights is a popular choice, rustic yet classy themed events are popular these days and this wood fence with lights backdrop is a popular choice and fits into most wedding photo booth or party photo booth rental themes.
  • DISCO - This disco-themed backdrop is bright and colourful
  • LIVE LOVE LAUGH - Classic live, love, laugh, and other popular love sayings with this backdrop. 
  • RED & PINK FLOWERS -  A beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers with this backdrop
  • BLACK LEATHER - This black beauty looks very stylish as a backdrop
  • BRICK WALL - This backdrop looks so real it blows our mind! 
  • WHITE FLOWERS - This beautiful white flower backdrop looks like it's made with paper flowers and is a popular trend these days. Photos look amazing with this selection.
  • 3D Cubes - Fun & Funky 

Now offering an online photo booth for rent 

If you are researching a green screen photo booth for parties, we have got you covered!